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City and Guilds Land Based Services (formerly NPTC) has a history going back to the Young Farmer's Club Movement in the 1930s when the achievement of skill was encouraged through competitions at club, region and county level leading to the development of Proficiency Tests.

City & Guilds Land Based Services has been at the forefront of developments for Craftsman awards under the Agricultural Wages Order, statutory and code of practice qualifications for the safe use of pesticides, sheep dipping, chainsaw operation and transport of livestock, required by the Pesticide Safety Directorate, the Veterinary Medicines Directorate, DEFRA, the HSE and other government agencies and national bodies.

More recently City & Guilds Land Based Services has been a key supporter of the Voluntary Initiative seeking to reduce the impact of pesticides on the environment through participation in the National Register of Sprayer Operators, the National Sprayer Testing Scheme and other projects within the VI.

City & Guilds Land Based Services works closely with Lantra, the Sector Skills Council for landbased training and education, to ensure that qualifications are current and reflective of the industry's needs. In addition, City & Guilds Land Based Services is frequently commissioned to develop customer awards for companies, trainers and other organisations that have a very specific training need that can realise added credibility by the rigour and discipline of management through an independent awarding body.


Qualifications and services

National and Scottish Vocational Qualifications at levels 1, 2, 3 and 4. Click here to see the full range of NVQs. and SVQs on offer. Certificates of Competence are mostly at level 2 providing practical skills Assessments in a wide range of landbased tasks including livestock and crop production, arboriculture, forestry, landscaping and turf care, construction equipment, amenity and production horticulture, health and safety. Click here to view the ever-growing list of skills covered.

National and Advanced National Certificates at levels 2 and 3 mostly studied through full or part-time college programmes these qualifications have become the established industry-recognised awards for practical people seeking careers in the industry.  Click here for a complete list.

Entry level Certificates are designed to motivate candidates with learning difficulties and are an imaginative and practical way to develop essential skills in a whole range of disciplines including animal care, horticulture, retail, catering, construction, pottery, horses, and give opportunities for progression onto level 1 and 2 programmes  Click here for further details.

Customer Awards. City & Guilds Land Based Services is frequently requested to seek accreditation for awards needed by employers working in niche businesses where recognition of skill is equally important as in the mainstream sectors. 

The National Register of Sprayer Operators (NRoSO) is a unique continuing professional development (CPD) register that we operate for users of agrochemicals and is a requirement for most operators in the ‘farm assurance’ schemes.  NRoSO has it’s own website which can be accessed from this site. Click here.

Category Based Proficiency Tests. These have now largely been replaced by Certificates of Competence and are generally not‘accredited’ with the regulator QCA. They do still form part of the Agricultural Wages Order and can be organised through our County Proficiency Test Committees/Certificate of Competence Assessments Centres.

Mission Statement of the City & Guilds NPTC

"...to promote competence and professionalism in the workforce of  the land-based and related industries by the encouragement of continuous learning and the recognition of skill "
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Powell Training Wiltshire vehicle

Powell Training Wiltshire vehicle

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